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Top Credit Card Promotions and Offers For 2017 Online

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What Type of Credit Card Rewards Have Unlimited Caps for Business Owners to Accumulate Points

Flat rate rewards credit cards offers unlimited flat rate rewards points on all your purchases. It does not require you to fulfill any bonus categories so it is easier for you to earn the rewards points. The following are the top six credit…


Can College Students Use Cash Back Credit Cards to Pay for Tuition

Many colleges and universities allow students to use cash back credit cards to make payment for their tuition fees. Both public and private colleges will accept credit card payments from a variety of credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Since…


Are EMV Credit Cards Actively Used by Retail Stores in Canada

EMV which stands for europay mastercard, visa is a technology that can enhance the security of credit card transactions. EMV credit cards were introduced into Canada in 2008 with the hope of reducing card present fraud in retail stores in Canada. After 8…


Rewards and Points Credit Card Promotions to Consider In January of 2017

There are a lot of great credit card promotions worthwhile to sign up for in 2017. Our editorial team is constantly searching for great promotions to help consumers take advantage of amazing rewards and points when shopping, traveling and making everyday purchases. These…


Lending Offers During The Holidays, Tips To Avoid Bad Finance Decisions

Many people get excited at the thought of the holiday season because this is the time when they don’t have to go to work. Naturally, they will want to make use of the free time to enjoy themselves at a holiday destination. Most…


How Many Credit Cards Does the Average College Student Have

Many young people are eager to apply for credit cards when they begin their studies at the college. Unfortunately, many of them misuse their privilege and end up in a large pile of debt that follow after them after they have graduated from…


Credit Card Offers to Consider for the 2016 Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday season is approaching and there will be the Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts as usual every year. For your holiday shopping, you can use rewards credit cards to get he most value out of your expenses. The following is a…


How to Maximize Travel Rewards Credit Cards for a dream Vacation in 2017

You must educate yourself on the rewards programs of your travel credit card before you can take advantage of its full benefits. Most travel cards’ rewards programs have terms and conditions that determine how you can earn and redeem the accumulated points. You…


How Many Credit Cards Does Wells Fargo Offer

Wells Fargo offers 5 types of credit cards that customers can use for their daily expenses. Many of the Well Fargo credit cards come with good rewards for daily expenses such as gas and restaurant. It also has a secured credit card that…


When Should You Apply for a New Credit Card If You Are Planning to Buy a Home

It is not wise to open a new credit card if you are planing to get a home mortgage in 6 months. Opening new credit card will result in you having a low credit score when you apply for the home mortgage. This…